Multi day trip

Mathura – Vrindavan 

Mathura known as the birth place of lord Krishna, it is considered as one of the holiest cities in all of India. Being the home of lord Krishna mathura has many sites of religious and historical significant.

The date of holi festival changes according to Hindu calendar but mostly it is in March people remember the legends of holi connected with Radha and Krishna play tricks the young Krishna played with the Cowgirls called Gopis. In mathura holi is a festival of love and celebrated with full enthusiasm it show bond and humanity between the people, full security is available at that time because ministers also present there if they have time, holi is just 10 days a lots and take a unique experience which you can’t find anywhere in this world. Colour is natural & is made by the flower of “teso” marigold. All temples is free, but have some coins handy for the shoe handlers, Many temples prohibite photography inside. Vrindavan where the Hindu deity Krishna spent his childhood it is major pilgrimage destination for Hindus and features by some counts as many as 5000 temples. Vrindavan is also known as the shelter city for widows by Hindu tradition, widows may not remarry, and many make their way here, having either abandoned their families or been abandoned by them on the death of their husbands.

Place to see

Krishna janam boomi 

Dwarikadeesh at holy gate 

Vishram ghat 

Gita mandir 

Govindpuri dev temple 

Banke Bihari 

Seva kunj 

Pagal baba mandir 

Iskon temple 


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